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Tuesday, September 02, 2014



1.  While it is true that ISIS beheadings of journalists are a particularly ghoulish form of murder, people murdered by other Islamists and Arab fascists in other manners are just as dead. Around 25,000 Jews have been murdered by Arab fascists and terrorists in the various Arab Israel wars and by "Palestinian" terrorism. So why is the American Administration so abhorred by the ISIS atrocities while demanding that Israel make concessions to and negotiate with the "Palestinian" terrorists so they can have their own state?


Why is PS (Palestinian State) any less repulsive or more acceptable than IS (Islamic State) ??



2.  So tell me again why burying ISIS terrorists in pigskins is not the optimal response to the beheadings of Western journalists?



3.  Honk if you want Haneen Zoabi imprisoned in Gitmo!



4.  B'Tselem's Neo-Nazi Bedfellows:,7340,L-4565828,00.html



5.  Since the Likud is in power, only ultra-leftists can be appointed to the Supreme Court:



6.  So let us see if we have this straight now. The "Palestinians" have been screaming for two months that Israel carried out a "genocide" against them in Gaza far worse than the Holocaust of Jews in Europe, which by the way they also say never took place. And then at the same time that they are supposedly being victims of genocide, they proclaim the Gaza military operation a stupendous victory over Israel.  

Sunday, August 31, 2014



1.   Try to imagine how you would react if you saw a "scoop" on the web site run by white supremacists in Alabama claiming that the Ku Klux Klan was in fact being secretly run and commanded by Rev Al Sharpton or Barack Obama's daughter.   Would you laugh yourself silly?


   Well a claim a hundred times sillier is currently making the rounds on all the Bash-Israel web sites, claiming that ISIS is in fact run by the Israeli Mossad.  The anti-Semites even claim to know the name of the Israeli agent running ISIS. 


    The fabrication seems to have been invented by the web site of a Neo-Nazi organization calling itself "Veterans Today."   The "scoop" appears here: goes without saying that these people are not veterans at all.  This is a conspiracist group that finds Zionist agents under every bed and inside every coca cola machine.  It is wackier than the 9-11 Troofer kooks.  The group has long been listed by the Anti-Defamation League as a Neo-Nazi group (see


    "Veterans Today" insists the Jews themselves planned the Holocaust and are currently incubating a new Hitler inside America.  It has also long tried to capitalize on the old story of the accidental Israeli firing on the USS Liberty navy ship in the middle of the Six Day War (see ).  Indeed, that seems to be the origin of the group's name.  They pretend to be navy vets who had been on that ship.  As Neo-Nazis they have no problems with any of the countless Muslim attacks on the US over the past 60 years, and the only "attack" on the US military that interests them is that incident with the USS Liberty.   (The truth about the Liberty incident can be read here: and ).  The Liberty incident remains the favorite bugaboo of the Neo-Nazis and their jihadi allies.


   The Neo-Nazis are claiming that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a head of ISIS, is in fact a Mossad agent named Elliot Shimon.  There actually is an Elliot Shimon, but he teaches English lit at my university (Haifa).  Meanwhile, you will find the accusation that the Mossad set up and is running ISIS on every anti-Semitic Bash-Israel and pro-Jihad web site.



2.  Geezers my age may recall a popular book from the 60s titled "Black Like Me," about a white journalist who posed as a black man in the South and wrote about his experiences.  ( ).  Well, one of the more amusing developments in recent Israeli history consists of a somewhat similar book, titled "Catch the Jew," written by journalist and play writer Tuvia Tenenbom.  He is well known as the founder of the Jewish Theater in New York (see


     In his new book, the multi-lingual Tenenbom toured the West Bank while passing himself off as a German investigative reporter.   He spent time with the various leftwing Israeli and foreign agitators in the West Bank and asked them to educate him about the plight of the "Palestinians."   He turned the results into a book.  It is hilarious and at the same time highly revealing of the sorts of propagandists operating to undermine Israel and provide disinformation to the media.   A chapter of his new book is reprinted in this past weekend's Makor Rishon.


    Much of the chapter deals with Tenenbom's meetings and travels about the West Bank with "Rabbi" Arik Ascherman, head of the misnamed "Rabbis for Human Rights," a far-leftist anti-Israel propaganda NGO.  Ascherman has "ordination" from the Reform synagogue "seminary" in Cincinnati and his wife also claims to be "ordained."   In other words, both are Rabbis in the same sense as I am a ballet dancer.


     While I have attacked Ascherman as a self-hating Jewish anti-Semite for years, the portrait of him in Tenenbom's chapter is far more demolishing.  Mockery remains the most powerful weapon against such critters.  Tenenbom meets Ascherman while the latter is wearing a "We are All Al-Arakiv" tee shirt, that being the name of some West Bank terrorist village.  Noting that Ascherman is awash in funding from overseas haters of Israel, Tenebom describes how Ascherman "delivers the goods" to his patrons.


     Ascherman first takes the "German journalist" to an olive orchard where he is lectured about how the "settlers" come and sabotage it and how Ascherman's team defends the trees from them.  Tenenbom's guide is a Kenyan who came to the West Bank to make the world peaceful and it is a few days after the massacre of Kenyans in Nairobi by Islamists.  Tenenbom asks the guide why he is here and not in Kenya trying to make world peace.  He evades answering. 


     When they get to the orchard a Palestinian claiming his name is Bruce Lee tells the "German" about how settlers shot him last year.  Bruce Lee says the "settlers" murder Palestinians all the time.  How many have been so murdered?, asks the "German."   Ascherman's host intervenes and tells him you will have to look it up on Google.  The "German" persists and Bruce Lee says two.  When?  In 1999 and 2000.  Bruce Lee goes on and tells the "German" that a few days ago, an Arab was praying in the field and a "settler" rode up on his horse, dismounted, told the Arabs to stop praying, and then shot him.  From this we learn there are actually settlers who ride horses, says the "German" sarcastically.  Did you actually see that, Bruce Lee is asked?  No, my neighbor told me about it. 


   When no murderous settlers show up to bother the olive pickers, Ascherman offers to send a car that will take the "German" to see the horrific destruction perpetrated by settlers elsewhere.  The driver arrives, a Palestinian Arab named Zakaria.  They take him to a village where the German is told that every day or two the army comes and burns homes for no reason.  The German asks to see some burnt homes.  They cannot point him to any.  They offer to show him photos of the army burning houses on a cell phone.  When the German asks to see the phone photos, it turns out that they mysteriously disappeared, almost like IRS records.       


    Suddenly an Israeli army jeep appears.  Watch this, say the hosts, the kids in the village will throw rocks at the jeep and then the soldiers will open fire at them.  So they follow the jeep a bit.  At one point the jeep pulls over to the side.  Aha, say the hosts, these soldiers are about to set up a security checkpoint to harass Palestinians.


   The German watches and one of the soldiers gets out of the jeep and takes a wizz into the bush on the side of the road. 

   Ah, these soldiers must be the "Number One" problem in the West Bank, but fortunately they did not turn out to be the "Number Two" problem.


Friday, August 29, 2014

40 Lessons from Hamas' War Against the Jews

Posted By Steven Plaut On August 29, 2014 

1.      Nice fences do not stop missiles, rockets, and mortars.

2.      Complete removal of Israeli forces and Jewish settlers from an area merely signals Israeli weakness and invites escalated Arab terror and aggression.

3.      Hamas (and Hezb'Allah and ISIS) cannot be defeated with air strikes.  There is no effective alternative to ground invasion and ongoing military control of the ground retaken.

4.      Unless the Israeli military controls the ground on the other side of fences, those fences achieve nothing.

5.      Goodwill gestures by Israel increase terror.

6.      Goodwill gestures by Israel never produce moderation of Arab goals and demands.  They also do not win Israel friends in the West but rather encourage outbursts of anti-Semitism.

7.      Terror is not caused by Israeli settlements but by the removal of Israeli settlements.

8.      Terror is not caused by Israeli military occupation but by the removal of Israeli military occupation.

9.      It is impossible for two sovereign entities to exist between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.

10.      No matter how many concessions Israel makes, the world will always justify Arab terrorism because there will always be still one more capitulation Israel failed to make.

11.      No matter how nice Israel is to its own Arab citizens and no matter how many affirmative action programs it implements, Israel will always be accused of being an "apartheid regime."

12.      The Israeli far left is an openly anti-Semitic movement that seeks Israel's destruction and automatically endorses the enemies of Israel in nearly all things.

13.     The Likud is too cowardly to defeat the terrorists.

14.       The real enemy of Israel is not Arab fascism but Jewish leftism.

15.       Much of the world has no qualms about seeing Jewish civilians murdered by terrorists.  In fact it celebrates these Jewish deaths and complains that there are too few of them.

16.       The Israeli Left will oppose every conceivable act of Israeli self-defense.

17.       Israeli niceness and flexibility fan anti-Semitism.

18.       Arab terrorists do not morph into statesmen.

19.       Israel bashers do not care about dead Arab civilians, other than as a useful tool with which to bludgeon Israel.

20.      Many on the worldwide Left would not raise an eyebrow if Israeli Jews were shipped off to concentration camps in cattle cars – except perhaps to demand improved rail service.

21.      The vast majority of Israeli Arabs and nearly all Israeli Arab politicians support terrorism and wish to see Israel destroyed.

22.      There are hundreds of Jewish professors in Israel who serve as an academic Fifth Column and who collaborate with the enemies of their country.  They are the moral equivalent of American and British jihadis who fight for the ISIS.

23.      The Arabs will not accept an independent Israel within any set of borders, no matter how small. Hence reducing Israel's territory does nothing but signal weakness and destructibility.

24.      The only country on earth expected to respond to the mass murder of its civilians by turning of the other cheek is Israel.  The only country on earth that has spent years trying to defeat aggression and terrorism by turning the other cheek is Israel.  It failed.

25.      No matter how Israel responds to aggression and terrorism, it will always be denounced as a "disproportionate" response.  The only "proportionate" response is complete capitulation by Israel.  If an Israeli coughs in the general direction of Gaza, this would be a disproportionate war crime and act of genocide.

26.      Those who claim that anti-Zionism is different and distinct from anti-Semitism tend, on close inspection, to be anti-Semites themselves.

27.      The only people on earth whom the Left believes should be denied the right to self-determination and self-defense are the Jews.

28.      "Palestinians" are not a nation in any true sense of the term and never were. They are simply Arabs who happened to migrate or infiltrate into Western Palestine.  They have no "right" to statehood.

29.      Israeli leftists, rather than learn from the failures of their policies and "ideas," will always complain that their policies have not been applied thoroughly enough.

30.      The moral and legal responsibility for every single Arab civilian killed or injured in the Middle East conflict rests squarely on the shoulders of the Arab terrorists and their Western amen choruses.

31.      There is no moral or legal reason for Israel to refrain from attacking terrorists and murderers when they hide among civilians.

32.     Israel is the only country in the Middle East that is NOT an apartheid regime.

33.      Palestinians are the Sudeten Germans of the Middle East.

34.      There are no non-military solutions to the problem of terrorism.

35.       One can only make peace with one's defeated enemies.

36.      There are no significant differences between the agenda of the PLO and the agenda of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Moslem Brotherhood, and ISIS.

37.      One cannot make peace by pretending that war does not exist.

38.      One cannot buy off anti-Semites and Islamofascists with trade concessions and subsidies.

39.       The only way to stop terrorism is to kill terrorists.

40.       No terrorist has ever murdered anyone after he was executed.


4.   The latest treason from Israel;'s radical Left is to respond to the firing of 5000 Hamas rockets at Israeli children by calling on Israelis to refuse to serve in the military at all. SIgners include prominent academics, Haaretz writers, communists, and others of their ilk.

5.  When anti-Semites pretend to be Holocaust survivors:

7.   Here is an interesting thought. According to a poll in Israel this week, the number of Israelis who now see themselves as part of either the moderate or the radical Left is about 12%. The number of people in France who support ISIS is 16%. So more French support Isis than Israelis who support the Labor Party.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Global Research (canada) is a conspiracist web site run by the notorious Holocaust Denier Michel Chossudovsky.

Interesting that Israeli tenured leftists have decided to publish their petition with its condemnation of Israel on that web site:

Israeli Academics Condemn the Slaughter and Endless Oppression of the Palestinian People

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


   The Symposium against Patriotism and Democracy at Tel Aviv University



   In recent weeks Israel has seen an unprecedented unification of spirit, with nearly the entire Jewish population strongly endorsing the military activity against the Gaza savages.  The main criticism of the operations is coming from people who believe that the government is not using ENOUGH firepower and force.


   The Radical academic Left has maintained an eerie silence throughout much of the operation,  But this week a group of Tenured Leftists held a symposium to denounce the widespread patriotism that they fear has infected Israel.  The symposium at Tel Aviv University was titled "How to Think about the War," the purpose of which was to tell people how to think.  And of course the correct way to think is how the Far Left and communists think. 


   The symposium was organized in response to an innocent memo sent out by the Tel Aviv University administration expressing support for Israeli soldiers during the war, "embracing them," while at the same time denouncing "hurtful and extremist" comments being made by people in the social media and internet.   That statement enraged the tenured Left.  How dare the heads of Tel Aviv University say that they are embracing the soldiers. 


     The anti-patriotism rally was organized by Prof. Ishay Rosen-Zvi, an ultra-leftist faculty member at TAU in "Hebrew Culture."   Rosen Zvi has a long track record of pseudo-academic Israel bashing (see ) .   He said he organized the symposium because he felt that the administration's statement about embracing soldiers was silencing freedom of speech and also because he felt revulsion at the wave of patriotism and unity in the Israeli media.  After all, hardly any treasonous opinions were being aired during the war!  Rosen Zvi demanded that the media be cleansed of the endless security-oriented and patriotic opinion, which is "designed to suppress freedom of speech."  (Hebrew report in Haaretz on this is at ). 


   Rosen Zvi was particularly irate at the fact that deaths of Israeli soldiers were not producing defeatist sentiments in the public.  In the past, he said, such deaths produced pressures on the government but now they were simply contributing to a sense of national unity.  In addition, Rosen Zvi denounced what he describes as "violence against the Left," by which he means public criticism of the Left.   Other speakers at the symposium denounced the "excess" number of injuries of Gaza civilians as war crimes.  

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Want to know what Israelis actually think?  Only 3% are now leftists.  Guess what the percent of university professors who are radical leftists is.

Politics: Has Hamas killed the Zionist Left?
The number of people identifying as moderate Left slumped to record lows during Operation Protective Edge, leading the Right to label them an "endangered species."
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu surprised many at his Tel Aviv press conference Wednesday night by promising a "new diplomatic horizon."

It was remarkable not only because the press conference was supposed to be about war and not peace, but also because it came at the culmination of a week that was so bleak for those who want to see a diplomatic solution to the Gaza problem, and the entire Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Hopes for an extended cease-fire were dashed. Rocket attacks resumed in full scale and scope. And the Israeli Left endured a week that its leaders undoubtedly would want to forget.

The week started with a poorly attended pro-peace rally at Tel Aviv's Rabin Square.

The same location that once boasted 400,000 left-wingers at a demonstration got 10,000, according to the most optimistic among the event's organizers – and much less according to others.

No matter who was right, the 10 sponsoring organizations should have been able to bring out a lot more, especially after they were challenged by none other than US President Barack Obama.

"If [Netanyahu] doesn't feel some internal pressure, then it's hard to see him being able to make some very difficult compromises, including taking on the settler movement," Obama said in an interview with New York Times columnist Tom Friedman.

If Obama had been the speaker at the rally, a lot more people would have come.

Meretz leader Zehava Gal-On, Hadash chairman Muhammad Barakei and author David Grossman apparently were not enough of a draw.

Labor Party leaders admitted they boycotted the event because they were afraid it would cause then to lose votes from the Center. Perhaps that was also why Labor chairman Isaac Herzog attacked Netanyahu this week from the Right.

Herzog said Tuesday that the prime minister's job was to provide security and complete quiet to residents of the South, implying he should take more action to do so.

"If, as Netanyahu has said, Hamas has been vanquished, he should reach a diplomatic deal under the best terms possible for Israel," Herzog said. "But if the government was to surrender in order to bring about a fake quiet like that which we had until today, it would prove it is a weak government that has failed."

The poor showing at the demonstration could be explained by a poll released Tuesday, which found that the Left's numbers in Israel are dwindling. The Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University have been taking a monthly poll called the Peace Index since 1994; never in those 20 years have there been fewer people who call themselves left-wing.

When asked to place themselves on the political spectrum for foreign policy and security issues, 34 percent self-identified as part of the Right, 28% as moderate Right, 22% as centrist, 9% as moderate Left, and only 3% as Left.

IDI Prof. Tamar Hermann, who takes the polls, explained that at first the Right and Left were divided half and half. She said the Left's numbers started to fall following the November 1995 assassination of prime minister Yitzhak Rabin.

For many years, 25%-30% of respondents called themselves left-wing; in recent years, 15%-17%. In an interview with the new Voice of Israel website – a Jerusalem-based, English-language broadcast network – Hermann said the Left had shrunk due to internal disputes, the reshaping of the political map, demographic changes and steps taken by the Palestinians.

"People who tended to put themselves on the Left and supported the operation [in Gaza] were a bit hesitant to place themselves on the Left, because the vociferous Left was strongly against the operation – or at least its consequences," she said. "People's self-identification with this camp has become more problematic than it used to be in the past."

Former deputy defense minister Danny Danon (Likud) had a different explanation.

The MK said the rival camp was suffering because the Palestinian leadership repeatedly rejected diplomatic overtures from Israel.

"The Left has become an endangered species," Danon said. "I have noticed how frustrated people on the Left have become now that the public has realized we are not to blame for the lack of peace."

Peace Now secretary-general Yariv Oppenheimer promised that another demonstration would take place again soon that would be better-advertised and attract many more people. A former Labor Knesset candidate, he said one of the keys to the Left's recovery was for left-wing parties to unite under Herzog's leadership ahead of the next election.

"People are looking at the peace solution not in a romantic way like they did in the 1980s or 1990s, but in a more realistic way," Oppenheimer said. "They are not enthusiastic or waiting for peace to solve all the problems. But, on the other hand, they recognize that without the two-state solution, we will find ourselves fighting the Palestinians again and again.

"There is no reason for the Right to be optimistic. Eventually the people of Israel will understand that the only way to ensure Israel remains a Jewish-democratic state is a two-state solution."

Oppenheimer's optimism about the Left's recovery contrasted with another question in the IDI poll, which found that left-wingers are more pessimistic than right-wingers about Israel's future.

Sixty-five percent of Jewish respondents said they were optimistic about Israel's future, while 33% were pessimistic.

When divided by political affiliation, the more left-wing people are, the more pessimistic they are.

Seventy-one percent of right-wingers called themselves optimistic, as did 67% of those on the moderate Right, 69% of centrists, 61% of the moderate Left, and 54% of the Left.

The fact that so many Israelis are optimistic despite the events of the past two months could be seen as a vote of confidence in the IDF, which the poll found enjoyed nearly universal support from Jewish Israelis, and in Netanyahu, who also fared well in the survey.

Netanyahu's opponents on the Right said his attack on Yisrael Beytenu leader Avigdor Liberman and Bayit Yehudi chairman Naftali Bennett at Wednesday's press conference came because the prime minister was feeling pressure from his poor showing in recent polls.

But Netanyahu's associates said his frustration with Liberman and Bennett was genuine, and based purely on their behavior.

Asked whether the prime minister's statement about a diplomatic horizon was also genuine or merely intended to spite Liberman and Bennett, they said Netanyahu would only act based on what was best for the country.

Friday, August 22, 2014

1.  To be consistent here is how the NY Times, CNN, the Washington Post, MSNBC and the LA Times should report the death by beheading of the US journalist James Foley:

James Foley was a journalist and investigator into the poverty and underlying grievances behind Middle East terrorism. Foley appears to have died in mysterious circumstances, at the same time that a large number of ISIS activists were killed by American military intervention. The total number of victims of violence over the past week was 340. ISIS is a group of misunderstood militants that is motivated by frustration that its grievances are not being addressed and its reasonable demands met. ISIS emerged because of the inequalities in the world, the underprivileged situation of so many Muslims in the Middle East. Clearly all ISIS wants is its fair share of the pie, but selfish Westerners have refused to conduct good faith negotiations with the leaders of ISIS. Since these leaders had no other choice, they captured Foley and he then became a victim of the cycle of violence begun by the United States. Foley's death was clearly a protest against occupation of Iraqi and Afghan territory by the United States and against European colonial oppression. There is some confusion as to whether ISIS was in fact behind the death of Foley. Informed sources on the ground in Iraq and Syria say that Israeli Jewish settlers really killed Foley. In any case, it is clear that this sort of violence can only end when the American government conducts good faith negotiations with ISIS and meets its reasonable demands.

2.  Well, I guess it is only fair. Just like the American media like to pontificate and opine about the Middle East without having the slightest idea of what they are talking about, now the Israeli media are doing the same thing about the Ferguson violence. 
For decades the main point that has needed understanding regarding the Middle East is that Arab violence is NOT a result of legitimate grievances but of illegitimate ambitions and criminality. Yet this week every single Israeli journalist is chiming in unison that the Ferguson violence must have been caused by legitimate grievances by black Americans. It was not. Like in the Middle East it is a reflection of illegitimate ambitions and criminality. But Israel's clueless journalists are as incapable of questioning the "party line" about Ferguson as US liberal journalists are about EITHER Ferguson or the Middle East.

The liberal media in the US are trying to create equivalence between the hoodlums rioting in Ferguson, Missouri, and the "Palestinian" intifada. Both are "occupied" and "oppressed" populations, the media bleat. 

Well, for once I actually agree that there is a sort of moral equivalence. Both groups are violent criminals and hoodlums pretending to have "grievances." Neither group is "occupied " but merely pretending to be to excuse its criminality, racism and violence. Both sets of violence are a direct result of hoodlums being pandered by the liberal media and the excuses made for their violence by the Left.

4.  Joke going around Israel. Hamas last night announced that at 6 AM it would fire rockets at Ben Gurion airport. But none were fired this morning. It turns out they were using charter rockets and everyone knows that charters always arrive 17 hours late.

5.  With the beheading of a pro-terror American journalist, we re-post: